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What Are Sativa Strains?

Sativa strains are known for motivating and getting you moving around versus vegging out on the couch. The leaves of a sativa are thin and spread apart. They have a higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD (the chemical that’s believed to aid pain relief and anxiety). Creativity flourishes when smoking a sativa and treating depression is a major reason for its use among medical patients.  Sativa strains are likely to get you talking, thinking, and philosophizing. To remember that sativas are typically elevating in their effects keep this phrase in mind, “Sunny Sativa.” marijuana strains

Many patients have asked our budtenders about our sativa strains and the desired effects that they can have. There are sativas that are said to be “cerebral relaxants” and then there are sativa strains that are said to be “cerebral stimulants.” So what exactly is the difference?

Cerebral relaxants will help to slow the thought processing and can aid with the quieting of the mind. It also helps with inflammation around the brain, much like a migraine medicine would. marijuana strains

Cerebral stimulants will cause more brain activity and contains a higher THC level, which has the possibility to over-stimulate some people, but it does also give patients an energy boost and helps to awaken the mind.

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