What Are Marijuana Moon Rocks?

Marijuana moon rocks are cannabis products consisting of a cannabis bud, dipped in cannabis concentrate, and rolled in kief (a collection of loose, dust-like trichomes, or resin glands). Moon rocks are extremely potent. BUY MOON ROCKS ONLINE

They’re valued for their high THC content and are sometimes referred to as “cannabis caviar.” The name “moon rock” originates from their resemblance to moon rocks and their ability to create such astronomical highs that users report feeling as though they are “on the moon.”

How potent are moon rocks?

Though the potency of each batch of moon rocks varies and depends on how it’s made and who produces it, the general consensus is that they hover around 50% THC. For reference, most flower averages around 20% THC. Each hit is damn near its own experience. BUY MOON ROCKS ONLINE

And the high? Oh buddy, oh pal, don’t even get me started on the high. Starting in the head and eventually spreading throughout the entire body, down to your toes, a moon rock high is a slow burn that will make you realize you’ve reached a mountaintop that you may not be ready to climb.

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