Where To Buy Hash Near Me

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Traditional Methods of Making Hash

In the eastern half of the world, where hash originated, the methods used to make hash back in its origin days are still used in the countries of Morocco, Afghanistan, and India. The first two of the aforementioned countries run their dried-up weed through sieves. It is the friction the is generated between the sieve and the dried weed which allows for the separation of the trichomes of the cannabis from the rest of the cannabis plant’s material. The collected trichomes after being separated by the usage of sieves are referred to as kief. The collected kief is then proceeded to be heated up. Once it reaches the desired temperature, the kief is then pressed over and over again in order to create a highly potent hash, in a shape of their choosing.

However, in India, the process of making hash is a bit different. In India, instead of using a sieve for the separation of trichomes from the rest of the hemp plant, the Indians use their hands. The friction that is generated between the hands and hemp plants is enough to separate the trichomes from the rest of the cannabis material. Once they have rubbed the weed between their hands long enough, they will notice a very thick and dark resin on their hands. Once these separated resins are rolled up into the shape of a ball, it is referred to as “Charas”.

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