The term “kif” is frequently used for the flower, i.e. the hashish. In the West, “kif” is often used for the special Moroccan blonde hashish. When the milder leaves are used, this is called “habisha”, which would resemble marijuana. In Morocco the production is estimated to cover an area of 600 km², and contributing to the national economy with about US$2 billion annually and growing, equaling 6% of GNP (most of this revenue is however not included in the official GNP).

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Moroccan blond hash is one of the best Moroccan hashes available today. It is lightly scented with a touch of spice that produces a cerebral and active effect.  Buy Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash

Here are some common ways in which you can consume hash. Have a look at the list and choose the one that suits your preferences:

    • Add it to a spliff with weed and tobacco. If you’re in possession of a dry block, you can simply crush it and add it when rolling a joint. Use it with tobacco or mix it with marijuana. The second method implies a more powerful high, something that you’ll probably want to experience if you’re an adventure seeker.
    • Place the chunk of the hash in a pipe. Some people claim that when using a pipe or bong for smoking hash, much of the product will be wasted. On the other hand, pipes and bongs allow a user to avoid the toxins and other carcinogens present in smoke, so it’s a way healthier way of consuming hash than rolling it in a joint.
    • Dab it. Since hashish belongs to a group of cannabis concentrates, it’s easy to use a glass rig and simply dab it, just like you dab the shatter or wax. This method is particularly useful when using the full-melt hash.
    • Use a hot knife. How to smoke hash like an old school hippie? Just grab two knives and heat them up on a stove. Once they reach the right temperature, add a little chunk of hash or hash oil to the blade and top it with the other knife. After that, inhale the smoke through a pen or straw, whatever lies within your reach at this particular moment.
  • Use a vaporizer. Today’s vape pens are dedicated to consuming cannabis concentrates, so you can inhale the hash with your device and enjoy one of the healthy ways of having your brown paste. Your portable vaporizer’s manufacturer probably has a manual for it, so you just need to act in accordance with the instruction.


It is very strong and potent, gives you high buzz and cerebral highness. Honey Blonde Hash tends to reduce anxiety and depression. It helps reduce inflammation, stimulate appetite and increase weight gain. It gets you very high. It also affects muscle by tightening them in patients suffering from sclerosis. They can be used by smoking, by adding them your edibles, by vape pens, rolling into joints and dabbing them. After exhaling the smoke, you can feel a fascinating taste in your taste buds. If it is used in lower quantities, it is strong enough to get high. If used in higher amounts, they help you get to sleep.  Buy Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash


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