Cannabis Edibles With Scissor Hash

Edible weed is fun to prepare and delightful to consume. You can easily turn your decarboxylated scissor hash into cannabutter, and then to yummy edibles!

When mixed with dissolved butter, scissor hash will still leave tiny particles in the liquid mixture. They will eventually sink to the bottom, so you can easily use the scissor hash infused butter liquid without the sedimented pieces.

However, these pieces contain many potent sedatives that will improve your recipe if included. Finding a recipe that does not hinder the inclusion of small scissor hash sediments is the best way to get the maximum use of cannabutter. You can ignore these little particles and enjoy your edibles anyway!

Here are some recipes that will go well with scissor hash cannabutter; sediment included.

  • Fudge brownies – With the yummy chunks of chocolate and the melt-in-your-mouth texture, brownies are a foolproof method of using scissor hash cannabutter to good use. You can also make cannabis fudge candy and cake instead of brownies.
  • Snowball cookies/ Russian tea cake cookies with cannabis – These little drops of heaven are best made without the sediment, but it is totally up to you. With an airy, almost cotton-candy vibe to it – these treats will be a fancy way to add a twist to your scissor hash.
  • Scissor hash drinks – Cannabutter can be used to make delicious drinks like hot buttered rum. Avoid adding the sedimented particles to make your drink more appealing. You can also just add cannabutter to your coffee, tea, smoothie or chilled drink.

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What is Scissor Hash (AKA Finger Hash)

Previously, I’ve done articles on popular DIY hash production methods of QWISO, and BHO. Another popular type of DIY hashish is bubble hash (AKA-Ice Water Hash) and Dry Ice hash. There is nothing wrong with either of these methods. However, each of these hash types can be hard to make and, when solvents, like rubbing alcohol and butane are used they can also be potentially dangerous. Buy Scissor Hash Online

Scissor Hash though is an entirely different animal, as unlike other types of hash, no cooking is required. Essentially, with scissor hash, the only danger you have is handling sharp gardening shears. Buy Scissor Hash online, weed dispensary, weed delivery,

Scissor or finger hash is the product of trimming wet cannabis plants. Cannabis plants are very sticky, especially when they still growing and wet. While handling and trimming plants, the resin stalks (trichomes) get rubbed onto growers hands/gloves and scissors. By rubbing the trichomes off the hands/gloves/scissors, you get essentially wet kief. The product is often discoloured (due to plant matter, dirt, etc) and gummy in texture

Scissor Hash has a kind of sedative effect that provides you the feeling of relaxation. Since it has high THC content, a little amount can make you feel so high and good. Their smoke is less harsh, therefore it is good to make a buzz and mind relieving.


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